Research You charges £25 per hour. However, a package can be agreed in advance of any research being started in order that you may have an idea of the likely cost to you.

Price will include:

  • Internet searches on relevant internationally recognised and accredited site
  • Manual searches in National Repositories i.e. Libraries and Archives where appropriate
  • Preparation and supply of Research Report including a Family Tree Chart, which will be in paper format, but can also be supplied via e-mail or on CD
  • General expenses i.e. postage and photocopying

Price will not include:

Travel expenses. Travel costs will be submitted, on request, based on cheapest train or bus fare available at the time of booking.


Gift vouchers are available for those who would like to give a lasting and personal gift to someone special.


Decorative Family Tree charts also make wonderful gifts, but you may just want one for yourself.  

Each chart is custom designed to suit the client's requirements