Research You is a complete genealogical service dedicated to helping you find out more about your family line - who they were and how and where they lived



Research is undertaken using a variety of sources, some of which are found on internationally accredited sites online, but where possible, original documentation is sought to ensure that only verified facts are reported on, so that you can be confident that the information provided is valid.

Each client has his/her own personal requirements, therefore each project is tailored made to the client. 

Popular requests are:

  • Complete Family Tree following the Paternal line
  • Complete Family Tree following the Maternal line
  • Complete Family Tree following both Paternal and Maternal lines
  • Help with research that has hit a brick wall
  • Clarification of confused information


Another speciality of Research You is House History

Houses have a story all of their own to tell.  It is possible to find out when your or your family's house was built and by whom and can give an insight into the lives of those who lived within their walls.

Research can be carried out on the whole lifespan of the home or within a particular timescale if that is what is required. Again each project is tailor made to the client's requirements. 



When researching a family back before the time of Statutory Registration of births, deaths and marriages it is necessary to refer to old documents for the relevant information.  Sadly these can prove difficult to read - writing styles varied from person to person and from era to era thus proving to be a headache for the amateur genealogist.

Research You will undertake to translate these documents for you, either as part of a larger project or on a document by document basis.



Not everyone of Scottish descent is entitled to use a Coat of Arms, this is a popular misconception, however an individual, whose family have in the past borne Arms, or in fact an Organisation with the relevant qualifications, may petition for a Grant of Arms to be assigned to them, however, they must be able to prove their right to do so.

If you have a question regarding your right to bear Arms or any other question on Heraldry, please get in touch

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Research You is owned and operated by Elizabeth Cunningham.

Elizabeth has a Post Graduate Diploma in Genealogy, Palaeograhy and Heraldic Studies from Strathclyde University and is a member of ASGRA (Association of Professional Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) and APG (Association of Professional Genealogists).


............. "for the roots of the present lie deep in the past, and nothing in the past is dead to the man who would learn how the present comes to be what it is”.  Stubbs William: The Constitutional History of England (1873-8); Oxford: Clarendon Press 1903; volume 1; p. iii.